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Registering is the first step to getting connected with other Acumatica users.  Be sure to use your business email address when registering so that Acumatica may verify your status.  Once verified you will have access to make friends, post and respond on forums.  Not in the Southeast, that's okay. This user group is open to all Acumatica customers.

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Make Friends

Make Friends

Once you Register and login, explore the network of members and make new friends.  Engage in conversations and create groups with like minded members. Schedule meetups in your town or city and invite others to join. You may be surprised to find the company next door is also using Acumatica Cloud ERP.


Events and Forums

Register, login and share your knowledge and learn from others by engaging in Acumatica forums. Keep up to date on what's happening in the Acumatica community, respond to member posts and create your own posts.  Attend online and in-person events. Start your own subgroup and create local events. Collaborate, Innovate and Accelerate together.

User Group Goals

The goal of the Acumatica User Group (AUG) is to:

  1. Provide a single source of aggregated Acumatica related content.
  2. Provide a virtual gathering place for Acumatica User to exchange ideas and make new friends.
  3. Communicate to Acumatica Users about online and in-person event opportunities.
Acumatica Cloud ERP

In an effort to meet these goals, AUG will engage Acumatica Users, Partners and Vendors to undertake the following:

  • Encourage and support the open exchange of  information and ideas regarding the use of Acumatica Cloud ERP.
  • Provide a forum on which to facilitate the open exchange of information and ideas related to the use of Acumatica Cloud ERP.
  • Coordinate and facilitate in-person events to encourage the exchange of information.
  • Coordinate and facilitate online events to encourage the exchange of information.
  • Create and maintain a formal user group structure that will facilitate the goals of the Acumatica User Group (AUG).
  • Perform any and all such actions as may be determined essential to the goals of AUG by the Board of Directors.